Use local crews with local knowledge

Use local crews with local knowledge

  • Work with local creatives experienced in the area’s regulations, quirks, and best views

  • Select your shot using our location guides, or just sketch an idea and leave the choice to a local camera operator or director

  • Pricing adjusts by region to help you keep your project within budget

Plan, prep, and manage the shoot from afar

  • Share a task outline for the crew in advance to optimize for quality and efficiency on set

  • Put your creative director in charge of a shoot, or remotely manage your shot list

  • Instantly share your brief with all remote teams so each crew stays aligned

Plan, prep, andmanage the shootfrom afar

 Work in syncwith teams across the globe

Work in sync with teams across the globe

  • Invite your director of photography or production manager onto a remote shoot – virtually – so you can build and test each set, ensuring cross-location consistency

  • Communicate quickly with Creators in multiple locations to keep roles and tasks aligned.

  • Amplify the power of your own resources by partnering with Creators who work across 70+ categories in a distributed virtual team

Optimized for even the lowest-bandwidth environment

Take advantage of the fastest upload speed available so your work can continue uninterrupted, even when your team is filming in a remote location.

 Optimized for even the lowest-bandwidth environment

Where will your shoot take you?

1550+ cities across 160+ countries, plus local teams ready to go at a moment’s notice. Partner with a local director, shooter, or director of photography in the exact location you’re targeting. Peek at just some of our favorite location footage.
Where will you film?

 Wherewill your shoot take you?