Brief for your brand,not just your video

Brief for your brand, not just your video

  • Consistency matters even more in a set of related videos. 90 Seconds helps you manage your brand and strategy cohesively

  • Define your style, audience, and objectives, then reuse components on individual briefs to keep all videos within the set or series aligned

  • Automatically share your brief with everyone who touches the project to ensure success

Unify projects using one platform and creative team

  • Film using local crews, add unique tasks for each video, then have a single production team bring all videos to their final state

  • See projects side-by-side and edit all videos concurrently to ensure consistent choices

  • Involve key stakeholders across your brand or agencies in any specific video. Access controls let you easily designate who can touch what

Unify projects usingone platform and creative team

 Easily reuse related assetsto tie it all together

Easily reuse related assets to tie it all together

Keep your series consistent, and reduce the time and resources that go into creating it, by reusing components from one video to the next. Seamlessly mix footage from individual videos to avoid commissioning unnecessary shoots, and pull the content you need directly from your asset library to cut back on agency and vendor expenses.

Promote like a pro

  • Built-in publishing lets you connect directly to your brand’s chosen video channels

  • Ramp up a campaign or unpublish a specific video as needs or strategy shift, without having to track down login details

  • Monitor your series’ performance so each video gets consistent promotion and distribution

 Promote like a pro